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a month ago

Episode 19 - Surprises

Meet Conrad

Episode Notes

Charlene and Jacque make their way to their first Town meeting, a week after the dog show and just a few days after celebrating Charlene's Birthday, what a very exciting episode.

Though for a town meeting, not much of the town even shows up. The one running the meeting is who? Charlene seems to have a great first article and Jacque seems a little uneasy about some of these town projects.


Rob - Intro/Outro

As I Figure - Kevin MacLeod

Lightless Dawn - Kevin MacLeod

Kool Kats - Kevin MacLeod

Piano Monolog - Kevin MacLeod

Acid Jazz - Kevin MacLeod

Backed Vibes (Clean) - Kevin MacLeod

Danse Macabre - Kevin MacLeod

Strange Sands - Kevin MacLeod

Witch Waltz - Kevin MacLeod